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A roof is an essential part of any building, and with the different seasons they are exposed to, they can take quite a battering. Necessary repairs can be anything from a slipped bonnet tile to leaks or simply just general upkeep of an older roof that has become a little run down. Whatever the situation, you can be confident that we can help you.

The cost associated with a repair can vary depending on the scope of work and many other factors. We offer free site visits to give you a fixed quotation outlining everything required. This will ensure you know exactly what you are paying before the job commences, offering you complete assurance.

When looking for a roofing contractor in Giltbrook, many good companies exist. We are certainly one of these, and with our first-class customer care, and passion for delivering quality roof repairs, you can be sure you are in safe hands. We’d love to hear from you; please get in touch with us any time!

Roof Repairs In Kimberley, Nottingham

If your roof shows signs of requiring repair, we are here to help. Taking action as soon as you notice a problem is the best solution to ensure that it does not become more severe and, in turn, lead to much more significant repairs becoming necessary and additional costs. From general roof upkeep to an emergency repair, we are on hand to help. Here are the roof repair services that we offer.

For all of your roofing needs, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time to see why we are becoming known as the best roofers in Kimberley, Nottingham.

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This is a photo taken from a roof which is being repaired by Giltbrook Roofing Repairs, it shows a street of houses, and their roofs
This is a photo of a roof where the hip tiles have been removed, and are just about to be replaced. Works carried out by Giltbrook Roofing Repairs
This is a photo of a roof extension that is having new roof tiles installed. This is a photo taken from the roof ridge looking down a tiled pitched roof on to a flat roof. Works carried out by Giltbrook Roofing Repairs

About us and our roofing services

Whatever your roof repair needs are, we are on hand to help. With our ‘can-do’ attitude and commitment to customer service, we will ensure that your inquiry is handled efficiently and come up with the best solution for your roof.

Having a roof repair completed correctly is crucial, and to ensure that it lasts long term, we always carry out some due diligence to know exactly why your roof failed. Once we have ascertained this, we will then be sure that the works we recommend are most suitable for your needs. A little detective work can go a long way and will mean that the repairs carried out are to the highest standard. Why not get in touch, schedule your free onsite survey and let us take care of your roofing needs.

Roofers Near Me

Here are just some of the areas we serve around Giltbrook, Nottingham. If your location is not listed, please contact us anyway, as we are likely to offer our services in your area too.

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